1 Lara Lara | E-mail | 25. května 2016 v 8:14 | Reagovat

Hi, the photos that you have posted with the watermark L J Photography are mine.  I posted them on my tumblr, Facebook page and instagram

Glad you love my photos

2 Vanessa Vanessa | 8. září 2016 v 10:38 | Reagovat

The pictures from the Cologne Palladium are mine. Next time ask or give credit. I was the only one posting the pictures so I can't be that hard.

3 brre brre | 10. září 2016 v 16:38 | Reagovat

[2]: I don't know exactly which photos you mean, but all sources are directly written for the album.(http://littlemix-news.sosugary.com/index.php?cat=79&page=3) If your source is not there so I'm sorry, but the pictures I found elsewhere. Yet there are some photos of yours, you'll tell me your source and I'll add it there.

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